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Welcome to our blog

Quantum Physics News & Learning

Welcome to our blog

Quantum Physics News
& Learning

3x Your Impact

Take Quantum To The Bank

Quantum's Impact On Society

Quantum's Impact On You

The Definition of Quantum

Explain Quantum Physics To A Child

Why Quantum Physics Is Important

9 Daily Uses of Quantum Physics

Quantum Computing in Simple Terms

The Father of Quantum Physics

The 5 Best Quantum Physics Books

Where is Quantum Physics Used

The Top 9 Quantum Inventions Ranked

Reversing America's Science Slump

What is Quantum physics?

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Hi, I Am Nathan

Founder & writer at Pantheon Space Academy

A team of four founders on a mission to stop the "science slump" in America. We unified our research, careers, and knowledge into books, speeches, classrooms, and this blog to make a positive impact on science involvement. While making the message as simple as possible for you to follow along and be included.

We didn't choose quantum, it chose us. The least we could do is be aware, observe, and share.

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