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Reversing America's Science Slump

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

This One Book Has Boosted Quantum Physics Enrollment By 297%

An accomplished group of physicists, teachers, and parents are on a mission to stop the “science slump” in America. They made an impact on teens and young adults. How did they get more youth to explore what quantum physics is?

Nathan recognized that “young people felt overwhelmed by the subject or had no idea they used it daily. They would need a small book to provoke their curiosity and showcase the subject for what it is. The single greatest intellectual achievement in human history.” Nathan would go on to say, “this book has been our most important tool to introduce avidly curious people to this field.” — It’s found at

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Here are just a few areas that QP can take you— medicines, innovative devices, quantum computers, agriculture, green renewable energy, delivery systems, and cryptography, to outer space and beyond! The quantum world promises higher-paying careers, a unified society, and a better Earth.

The Quantum Future looks bright, but if you don’t believe all of Nathan’s claims, you can look into the current uses of quantum physics. The list is already long and impressive, as discussed in the book. He would show data on how class enrollment was rising in science, and one unforeseen cause was testing and GPA scores.

Nathan says, “Everybody can benefit from a basic understanding of quantum physics concepts, overview, and history whether you’re a student searching for a field of interest, a parent that wants to know enough about the subject to help your kids with homework, or a teacher with limited resources. This book will be a great start.”

The Space Academy invites you to join the quantum revolution and share the power of quantum with others. They are eager to share everything they’ve learned and how they accomplished such outstanding results. You can reach out to them on their website and social media.

Experience the magic of quantum with our book for the first time learner. Use this button.

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