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Where is Quantum Physics Used

Friday, March 03, 2023

Quantum physics is a science that helps us understand tiny things, like atoms and particles. But even though it seems complicated, it's used in many things we use daily!

Have you ever used a smartphone? Well, quantum physics is what makes it work! Inside your phone are tiny parts called "FETs" that use the ideas of quantum physics to do things like play music and take photos.
Quantum physics also helps doctors see inside our bodies. They use machines called MRI and PET scanners that use the ideas of quantum physics to take pictures of what's happening inside us.

And finally, quantum physics helps keep our information safe. Some brilliant people figured out how to use quantum physics to make communication really, really secure. That means our private information, like bank accounts and national secrets, are protected from bad people who might try to steal them.

So, even though quantum physics might sound like it's only for super-smart scientists, it's actually something that helps us every day in many different ways!

There are thousands of inventions that use quantum physics. We ranked the top 9. 

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