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Quantum physics in simple terms and its potential for future advancements.

130 Page Introduction

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quantum physics book for beginners

An Amazon #1 Best Seller

Here, the explanations are not focused on overwhelming mathematical equations that will only leave you more confused.

You will get clear explanations and real-life examples, to learn about the strange and mysterious behavior of particles, the principles of quantum mechanics, and the incredible applications of quantum technology in fields such as cryptography, computing, and medicine.

I'm going to help you start unraveling Quantum Physics. You’re about to take the first step towards:

-What Quantum Physics (QP) is, and how was it discovered.

-The physics behind “Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox” — find out what it is and if it’s really a feasible idea.

-How Quantum Physics is related to the Law of Attraction (if you understand this, you will be stronger at manifesting what you want in life!)

-Five things you should know about Quantum Physics — it’s definitely not magic.

-How and why light can be both a wave and a particle — proven by an experiment.

-The theory of relativity with real-life examples… and why QP is incompatible with general relativity.

-How quantum computing works, its core properties, and top applications.

-The most relevant and brilliant Quantum Physics experiments so you can visualize the concepts more clearly.

By understanding these principles of quantum physics, you will have a better appreciation for nature, technology, and the potential for our place in the world.

Take the leap and transform your knowledge. Get your copy now!

Quantum Makes
Everything Better

It has numerous practical applications, including in technologies
such as computers, smartphones, and lasers, which have
revolutionized the way we live and work.

Turn On Your
Quantum Creativity

Everybody can benefit by knowing the concepts, overview, and history of quantum physics.

The nature of matter and energy and how they interact.

Deeper insight into the behavior of subatomic particles, the basic building blocks of matter, and the nature of the universe.

Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Appreciation for the beauty and elegance of the natural world.

Who Reads This Book 

  • Students: Searching for a field of interest and exciting theories.
  • Parents: Learn about the subject to help their kids with homework.
  • Teachers: Have limited resources and would like to introduce the students to quantum.
  • Avidly Curious: This is the start of a scientist. Answers lead to more questions!

You are made of atoms.
You Reading this book... 

Is An Attempt By An Atom To Understand Itself.

The Past, Present, & Future

They are only separated by milliseconds and
the only difference is observation. 

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Do Not Sit This One Out

Quantum physics has hundreds of high paying careers in chemistry, biology, technology, and engineering. Even if you don't want a new career, this book will satisfy any curiosity of what the future holds.

  • ​Cryptography: Quantum computing is already a real thing. How long before it's mainstream and cost effective?
  • ​Laser PropulsionAlready being tested. This technology can make a trip to Mars in hours.
  • Cancer CuresQP is how doctors find cancer. The next will be QP finds a cure.
  • Renewable Energy: Imagine that we can smash atoms into each other for energy. No more digging, no burning, no waste.

So much more is discussed in this book. You have to see for yourself.

Or... Hear For Yourself

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Amazon #1 Best Seller In Science & Technology

Recorded Exclusively For Audible™️

The book was offered an amazon exclusive deal for the recording. We took great care to work with the team to have it professionally narrated and mastered. This partnership has allowed us to reach so many more readers.

Check out the audio benefits.

  • ​Listen Before You Buy: Select the retail sample for a 5 minute reading.
  • Go Handsfree:  Like so many of us have realized, it's a major benefit to listen on the go!
  • The PDF Is FreeWe all love to get a great deal. That's why when you purchase the audio, the eBook is included at no additional cost!

Sneak Peak, A Bonus For You

If you purchase the above book today, I will send you my next book for free.
Quantum Physics: The 3 Dimensions of Relevance Road Map.
(upon it's completion in the next few weeks)

It's a book about how all these bullet points can be true.

  • ​Quantum science is important for society.
  • ​Quantum Technologies make our lives healthier, easier, and more comfortable.​
  • ​New quantum technologies will make life more interesting​
  • ​The benefits of quantum science are greater than the harmful effects it could have.​
  • ​Quantum technology will help to eradicate poverty and famine in the world.​
  • ​A country needs to do research in quantum physics to be developed.​
  • ​Quantum technology will help solve environmental problems.​
  • ​We should all learn quantum physics.​
  • ​We can use quantum technologies even if we do not know how they work.​

I'd love to share this with you before I publish. Scroll down and buy your copy of Quantum Physics for Beginners to be eligible for a free copy of my next book.


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QUANTUM PHYSICS: Introduction to Essential Theories, the Behavior of Matter, and How It's Changing Our Lives
Quantum Physics Paperback Book
Amazon #1 Best Seller 130-page paperback book by Pantheon Space Academy You Buy One, We Donate One To Underfunded Schools

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